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Let's take charge of our health!

Dr. Carolyn's Corner

Let’s take charge of our health!

Are you dong everything you can to stay healthy? Do you stay up-to-date on what it takes to be in control of your health? If so, congratulations! You are on the right road to a longer, healthy life. If not, please realize that it’s never too late to start making positive changes in your lifestyle. Simple changes can result in major benefits!

You can get a good start by taking part in National Women’s Health Week, to be celebrated this year May 13-19 (see womenshealth.gov/whw). This is a weeklong promotion coordinated by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. Its purpose is to encourage women to commit to these five easy steps that will allow them to take charge of their health:

1) Get regular checkups and preventive screening tests for prevention and early detection of certain diseases.
2) Get active
3) Eat healthy
4) Pay attention to mental as well as physical health
5) Avoid unhealthy behaviors

Since women are often the main caregivers in the family, it’s not surprising that we often put off taking care of our own needs while looking after those of spouses, children, and parents. Doesn’t it make sense to put our own health at the top of the list, so we will be able to continue to care for others?

How fitting is it that National Women’s Health Week begins this year on Mother’s Day! It’s a perfect time to get your mother and daughters involved. Help them schedule an annual exam, mammogram, colonoscopy--whatever it’s time to do. Don’t just tell them to eat right and exercise--do it with them! It’s often a lot easier to set and reach our goals when we have the help and encouragement of others.

Let National Women’s Health Week be the start of something good for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, go to classes or meetings, or even speak in front of large groups! Just make a pledge to yourself and then carry it out. Take charge of your health!

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