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Earth Day 2012

Dr. Carolyn's Corner

Earth Day 2012

This year join up and support A Billion Acts of Green with your PLEDGE for a better Earth. Be the voice of change, change that will protect our planet, by making a commitment and pledging to help preserve our environment. Make your pledge on the Billion Acts of Green website and help create a sustainable future for all.

A Billion Acts of Green is the the world’s largest environmental service campaign. Already over 800 million pledges are registered on the Earth Day Network website. This 2012 Earth Day theme is Mobilize the Earth with the goal of providing people the opportunity to come together in a call for a sustainable future. Want to put your pledge into action? Try some of these easy Acts of Green:

Be Green
Whether you are recycling at home, or starting a program at the office, you are helping to prevent pollution. An act as simple as replacing regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents supports energy conservation. Perhaps the most important act is water conservation. The days of running the water while brushing your teeth are behind us. Water is a precious, and finite, resource that we want to have available to our grandchildren. Easy action items include installing low-flow aerators on showerheads, shorter showers, and energy efficient major appliances.

Be Local
Buying local sustainably grown produce is good all around. Fewer pesticides are used to grow the food, so they have less of a change of getting into our groundwater and the people who grew the food have a greater chance of avoiding health problems related to the chemicals in pesticides. And, sustainable crops are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, nutrients.

Be Aware
Easy ways to be green are everywhere! From monitoring your speed while driving to turning off the lights in vacant rooms, you can make a difference this Earth Day. Spend time outdoors and connect with nature. Ride your bike to work, consider a scooter for short trips, or walk to lunch. Plant a tree, some vegetables, or some flowers. Then Tweet about it, post it to your Facebook page, or write an article for your favorite blog.

This Earth Day, use your influence to increase awareness and make your pledge to A Billion Acts of Green. For tips, suggestions, and ideas on how to organize events in support of Earth Day, visit www.earthday.org. And make your pledge for the good of the Earth today at act.earthday.org.

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