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Announcing: special news from Oak Hills Women's Center

We are pleased to announce that Oak Hills Women's Center is partnering as a Sponsor with the American Heart Association in its mission to reduce heart disease, the #1 killer of women. I am participating as one of the facilitators for the program, Go Red BetterU. This free online 12 week program is geared toward women who want to improve their overall health. Along with daily tips on nutrition, stress reduction, and physical activities, the program offers digital journals to keep track of your goals and progress. Great recipes for a heart healthy diet are also available. I encourage women of all ages to join us. You won't regret it!

During the past year, Dr. Bernard R. Cavazos and I have been working behind the scenes to grow our practice of 29 years. I am thrilled to let everyone know that this summer a new physician joins us in our growth! It will be our pleasure to introduce her soon. And beginning in August, Oak Hills Women's Center will amplify our practice to include Obstetrics & Gynecology.

To meet and learn all about our new physician, please read Dr. Carolyn's Corner next month. And look for our upcoming announcement on accepting new obstetrical and gynecological services appointments.

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The BetterU movement is a FREE 12 week online health course that teaches you how to move yourself from intermediate health to ideal heart health.It is a program that is already changing lives. Here in San Antonio, we have a group of women starting together and I will be available for questions and advice.

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